Sunday, April 25, 2010


Peace therefore pursues me as
I try to catch the day!
Life itself has twisted everything
I have to say!
One alone to know the heart,
One to understand,
the very One Who calls me in
and reaches forth His hand!
I only need a refuge for

a moment, for a time;
I am not "on the run" for
I've committed not a crime!
I stood where I was purposed,
now I need a hiding Place--
One with open arms, a smile,
a drink and an embrace.
Where is not any argument,
no reason to defend...
no confrontations waiting there,
no energies expend
I know that it exists,
for I have been there much before!
Just leave me for a season,
I can see the Open Door!

Peace then overtakes me at
that Place none other know;
And where no man can reach, the
rehabilitations flow!
The Healer meets me in this place
and Jesus is His Name!
"My son, I have been waiting. I'm
so very glad you came!"

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