Monday, April 26, 2010


The battle rages in a realm
to most men unawares...
the skirmishes that happen there,
our spirit-man impairs?
One is there defending us,
and He is never slack!
For He is Jesus Christ the Lord,

He is coming back. Until then He is defending us.
So does that give me the right to live like hell?
Of course not!
Some people feel that since He is on our side, and since His grace is sufficient, it does not matter how we live our lives.
God help us!!
I may be the only Jesus that person sees in their their lifetime...
Will they want Jesus after seeing me?
That battle that is "unseen." It is not only raging to steal me away from Jesus, it is also raging to keep others from finding Jesus!
Are you involved?

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Peace therefore pursues me as
I try to catch the day!
Life itself has twisted everything
I have to say!
One alone to know the heart,
One to understand,
the very One Who calls me in
and reaches forth His hand!
I only need a refuge for

a moment, for a time;
I am not "on the run" for
I've committed not a crime!
I stood where I was purposed,
now I need a hiding Place--
One with open arms, a smile,
a drink and an embrace.
Where is not any argument,
no reason to defend...
no confrontations waiting there,
no energies expend
I know that it exists,
for I have been there much before!
Just leave me for a season,
I can see the Open Door!

Peace then overtakes me at
that Place none other know;
And where no man can reach, the
rehabilitations flow!
The Healer meets me in this place
and Jesus is His Name!
"My son, I have been waiting. I'm
so very glad you came!"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Speaking of life,

"I will speak life where living is
that all of life will know
that Your are Life, and life will be
the way that You say so!
Your will, it is established,
it is written, it is sealed;
and through my living and my words
is how it is revealed!

I will ever speak of living
in the life that You are giving."

"How's life?"
"How is your life?"
Are there only trials come to mind when those questions are?
Are those trials so great that you cannot take only a moment to 'speak life?'
If so, let me know!
Jesus can take those trials upon Himself and cause You to speak life in every conversation!
Speak of life, won't you?

Friday, April 23, 2010


Yesterday, I was told to be something that I was not.
Today, I am that something.
So did I waste yesterday trying to be something that I would be anyway?
However, before I left, I stuffed my pockets with as much yesterday as I could!
I am now enjoying it immensely! I am even using it to bless those in their yesterdays and tomorrows.
But greater, I have a present to present to the present!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Beautiful

We are so bound by 'words,' so limited by 'language.'
So often, I read the Bible and there are footnotes everywhere regarding "Original text." Said text contains words and phrases so foreign to us, words and phrases that are more concise than the English language can capture.
When I took Spanish years ago, Mr. Reyes would often tell us that "This word in English almost means ________," but there was not an English word to capture it.
So it is is with Scripture. I am sure that some of the beauty of it is "lost in translation."
I say all of that to point out that this man is really incapable of writing down some of the "things" I see when in communication with Jesus...

You are beautiful beyond creation,
we cannot see such length!
The splendor of Your plenitude
restores in us much strength.
When everything is taken,
all creation disappears,
there is the glory of You only
as the heart so fears!
The fullness of Your Majesty-
To glorify You, my Lord God,
this man was surely made!
I take a stand against the mundane
"going here and there..."
and stop to see Your glory
absolutely everywhere!

So beautiful, so glorious
and nothing to support:
"You are alone in primacy!"
would all of time exhort!
But minus all constrictions that
this living would apply,
You are Lord, and You remain
for ALL to glorify!

Can you see?

Saturday, April 10, 2010


In visions so alive and so anew,
the majesty and glory come to view!
Who can fully look upon the sight?!
As eyes must flinch away in sheer delight!!

It was written a few days ago, the splendor of watching Him return in the clouds! But say, will it even be possible to withstand the glory of His majesty coming in the clouds?
I believe, according to His Word, that we will see Him in the air.
But then what?
The songs that are, the words that are, the verses that are all depict Him as someone so glorious, so beautiful, so wonderful that we will scarcely be able to visualize Him...with these eyes!!
Oh, I want the vision of the spirit so that I can fully enjoy the wonder that Jesus, my Lord, my Savior, my Lover, my Master, my King, my closest Friend is!
Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Servant

In the poet's Bible, Isaiah 53:7-9 translates:

Oppressed and afflicted,
silent to remain...
for to be obedient
must He bear the pain...
taken from the prison, from judgement, far removed;
for to so declare His
generation, we're behooved.
Cut off from the living...
stricken for mankind...
entombed among the wicked,
in such this man to find!
At death, though, with the wealthy
as sin He did not know!
Thus could He, to His Father,
for my transgressions, go!

The Servant, He is passive,
His deity avowed...
humiliated, beaten, killed,
it HAD TO be allowed!
Else then, would we all be
most miserable of men.
Indebted am I ever-
for I am born again!

How about you?
Every time I write or read something as graphic, or anything about Jesus, the question ultimately arises and turns to the reader:
Do you know Jesus as your Savior?
The answer lies in your heart.