Monday, March 29, 2010

"Sunrise Service"

That term has become known around the world.
O let it be more than something happening annually!!

Rays on the horizon...
sun to soon arrive...
A blessed time to grasp again
that Christ, He is alive!
The rays--the arms of Heaven,
in praise to God alone,
for the gift of Jesus Christ,
the Lamb upon the throne!

That blessed resurrection
to celebrate this day.
God the Father furnishing
the Straight and Narrow Way!
No more rite or ritual
as customs had become,
Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God,
He paid the total sum!

Rays on the horizon-
promise of the day;
the resurrected One has come
to take His Bride away!
We celebrate with gladness
this blessed Easter morn!
Three days ago, the man went down,
today, Messiah born!

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