Thursday, March 18, 2010

The sight of you, dear..

How many can write such words as these...from the heart:

The sight of you inside my day
wondrously appears...
a thought of you, and time itself
completely disappears...
I thought I heard your voice today,
it caused my heart to sing,
yet as I turned, 'twas only sparrows
rising on the wing...
The flutter of their wings is like
the flutter of my heart
each time the sight or sound of you
unto me does impart!
The very thought of you, or just
the mention of your name,
it is all I need to turn
the flicker to a flame!

The fire deep inside, it burns
for only you, my dear.
It is that flame that, just once in
a lifetime, does appear.
Daily to be kindled as
together we do share
that precious love that, in this life,
has come to be so rare!

With mere words could I describe
our love upon this sheet?
I could write forever, and
'twould still be incomplete!
No mortal e'er could pen the words
to so describe my love;
'tis fully known to just one else:
our Father up above!

May everyone be able to know such love just once!

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