Monday, March 1, 2010

"Search Me"

I have heard that so many times. I have said that quite often myself. Yet upon reflection I find it sometimes redundant to invite God to search me when He knows everything already!

"Search the very life of me,
oh Lord of my belief;
in the comfort of Your care
resides my sure relief!
In Your living water be
refreshment to my soul...
in the stripes upon Your back
be that which makes me whole.

Oh search the very heart of me
lest something should impede
the bounty of Your mercy, oh,
to meet mine every need!
There to be Your dwelling place,
yea, enter and abide,
evicting everything that,
in the fortress, shouldn't hide!

Search the very soul of me,
oh Savior of the same,
that I would know the fullness that
is in Your Holy Name!
Not a thing to hinder living
here and then up there,
knowing the redemption whole
that You have come to share."

Are you able to invite God fully into your life? He is already aware of even more than you are. No, it is not redundant. The Psalmist himself did it quite often.
Let no lie of the enemy hold you back from the blessing of THE open relationship that Jesus has to offer!

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