Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sacrifice & Labor

The “intensity” of worship…
The “labor” of worship…
The “sacrifice” of praise…
“Cultural” rejecting?

Like it or not, proud, joyful, spiritual, traditional, charismatic Christianity does take on a cultural and traditional spin, it is NOT exclusive to the English, Anglo-Saxon charismatic language. As a church, we must accept this if we are going to “go unto all the world…”
We must know how to respond when the people say

“Please pray for me in ways that I understand, not in your ‘denominational’ language.”

In writing, in all, I must become, WE must become the least for God. In order to be the “least” for God, we must get over our supremacy over others, our supremacy over their beliefs. We have to love them first. For Jesus said that by the love we show men will know that we’re His disciples. That takes love, but we do so in His Name, love is labor, and labor is WORSHIP!
The “labor” of worship IS the Sacrifice of Praise. If I am going to make a true sacrifice of praise, I must join that praise with others of race, color and language. I must realize that Jesus is NOT exclusively the white, English-speaking Savior that I have been praying to. What if I get to heaven and Jesus is really black? Am I still going to run to Him with open arms? For some I know, unfortunately, that will be a “sacrifice!”

The sacrifice of praise…the labor of worship…
The freedom, the blessing, the liberty availed in total surrender of worship is like no other!
Rather than being a slave to the bond of “We’ve always done it that way…” or “because it’s always been that way…,” throw Your arms up in total surrender to Jesus and savor the liberty availed in the LIFE that His Blood supplies!
Will that life always be what our ‘denomination’ says it is?
Rather, we must always focus on what Jesus says it is.
It is the least that we can do.

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