Monday, March 15, 2010

Quiet Place

Drawn unto a quiet place
to hear His gentle voice,
Him Who makes my very soul
to gleefully rejoice!
Though it is Him to Whom I draw,
'tis Him Who draws me nigh:
the Father, Holy Spirit and
my risen Lord on high!
If only I would so respond
each time He gently calls,
of a truth, this man would surely
have much fewer falls!
If only I would seek His face
each time I venture out,
I would have much more success,
and I would have less doubt!
Regardless, when I come to Him
His arms are there, unfurled,
providing me a quiet place
for to escape the world.
He speaks to me of life and hope
as long as I endure:
that life beyond, that hope for living
unto Him, so pure!

The quiet place. Know it. It is so simple to know, to utilize.
The calm availed there is perfect.
The quiet place. Know Him.
Jesus is The Quiet Place.

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