Friday, March 5, 2010

Nothing Everything

Nothing without God.
The day is pointless without Him...
without acknowledging Him...
without allowing Him to be part of it!
Sure, life goes on "without" Him, but just how fulfilling is that kind of life?
He even does things in the lives of those who utterly HATE Him! Good things.
The Psalmist wrote "Though I rappel into the very depths of Hell, You are there."
I would rather accept the fact that He is THROUGHOUT my entire day and follow His leading. Yes, HIS leading. For He will lead me into good.

All throughout the day,
the presence of The Way
devises, guides, directs,
and so my soul expects.
For He already knows
the way that living goes.
So I expect Him here
to very gently steer
the path that I am on-
His leading never gone!

Run from God...I dare you!
Hide from Him...where?
He sees, He hears, He knows...ALL!
So what's the point of Life?
That's up to you...or is it?

Nothing without God...
Everything with God!

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