Monday, March 15, 2010

My Offering

What does it mean?
Is it only a "church" thing?
Thus, is it only the money someone puts into that bag?
Oooohhh. That's enough scare some out the doors!
My offering. Rest assured, there have been times when there has been NOTHING in the wallet to put into that bag! Stay out of that hallowed building then? NO WAY! That would make my 'religion' no more than a place to go and "pay admission!"
My offering must be far more than "money," because I am not always going to have money.
My offering must be my living itself...

Rejoicing in the One Whose love
makes me ever whole.,
Him Who bringeth sweet salvation
to my very soul!
Oh, the joy of Jesus-
could my mortal tongue recite?
And even if it could, would even
this man have the right?!

Oh, but I will do my best
to exalt His Name!
The very right to do so, He has
given me the same!
I was made to worship Him,
this He has told me so!
And was this man made to, oh,
His endless blessings know!

"Forever, my sweet Jesus, will
Your adoration be!
Daily, indeed constantly,

such words will flow from me!
Words alone, Lord? Nay! Indeed,
but in ALL that I do!
'Twill be my meager offering,
oh Father, unto You!"

Rejoice with me in such OFFERING, won't you?
It is a gift that ALL can participate in. ALL can afford to offer praise to God. ALL can give an offering of praise to Jesus. He is certainly worth it!

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