Saturday, March 27, 2010


Life is filled with 'matters,' and things that matter. More than this, life is filled with people who matter.
If you are the only person in your life who matters, you are very lonely and miserable.
There was a ceremony the other night filled with people who matter.
The moment still lingers, and probably shall forever.
I want to thank my wife for having the idea, and those who showed up to make it so memorable. I am so blessed!

No matter how the moments stack,
they do so with such grace.
Though some of them are far from 'graceful,'
few be "commonplace."
Somehow, God arranges such
and glory comes around
to generate thanksgiving where
the genuine is found.

Sure enough, the evening was filled with things to give Him praise for:
all celebrating 50 years.
Thank you to those who were here for me, and to those who sent their wishes.
"And thank You, Heavenly Father, for being THE example of all of the above."

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