Sunday, March 14, 2010

Love for Yours

So many 'things' does man have such for.
I love the creation of God.
I am so very blessed with vision.

Oh Lord, why am I so in love
with that made by Your hand?
Why am I so moved as I
gaze out upon the land?
In the reaching, aged pines,
majestic mountain peaks,
and the raging river there,
Your spirit ever speaks!

Stricken very deep am I
by that beyond my script!
To put it into words, oh Lord-
will e'er I be equipped,
equipped to so portray the mountains
beautiful and proud...
to communicate the forest
beauty to enshroud?

My affection, Father, for
the valleys and the peaks.
Does it even permeate
as Your servant speaks?
I know that You can sense it as
it emanates inside.
Oh Father, see my gratitude,
I shall not ever hide!

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