Monday, March 29, 2010

Eternally anew

"Father, it is finished,
I give myself to Thee."
The world and the firmament
react accordingly.
"Perspiration, anguish, blood,
as He breathed His last..."
this impression in the mind,
forever it is cast.

Significance of all of this?
could volumes ever hold?
A truth anew is known to us
each time the Scripture's told.
New life--not only the event
but in the hearing of
the life, the death, the life again
of Jesus-King of Love.

We honor by the calendar,
this event once more.
But honor we, each day, oh Lord,
as You, we're living for!
Be life anew each day, oh Lord,
as we're alive in You!
And be the object of our praise
eternally anew!

Far more than "Easter," far more than "spring," far more than any 'limitation' man may put upon Him is the life anew that Jesus is!
Life anew. New life. BORN AGAIN!
Jesus is all of this and more.

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