Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Running to the backside of the desert. I know there is refuge there. This matter is pursuing me.
God is there. I know He abides there. I have to get there to His embrace!
This thing is too great for me! If I can get there, no one else will find me. No one may catch me if I go there.
There will I find peace...
There will I find refuge...
There will I find shelter...
There will I find love...
There will I find hope...
No one understands here. Those who tell me they understand listen to me with their eyes, but they scheme otherwise.
I know One Who listens with love.
I know One Who not only listens, but can actually do something about it!

Running to the backside of the desert. But why?
"Am I running TO God?"
"Am I running FROM something else?"
Those are questions that I will hear, but I KNOW that I am going TO Him, and after a season in His Presence I will be equipped to face the challenges that surmount.
Do I run alone, or am I the only one bold enough to admit that I need such refuge?

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