Thursday, March 11, 2010


But always the way we see?
Sometimes, the situation we are in or the things that we see may seem laborious or even detrimental, but tomorrow we will see what a blessing they are.
As many of you know I was injured years ago. A back injury so bad that I had to quit the job I had. I even had to quit walking for a while!
That turned out to be a blessing.
Later, another health issue arose that caused me to be unable to hold any steady job.
Another blessing.
The job I hold today is only 16 hours per week. I have the blessing of coming in contact with hundreds of people each day with the love of God!
Are they there for the love of God? Of course not!
Some of them are...they just don't know it. However, they know it when they find it.
Another blessing.
Where are you looking for them?

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