Sunday, March 21, 2010


Thank God I am alive!
Thank God that He allows me to see life as it is this day.
Wonderful life. Beautiful life. Glorious life.
Always? Everyday? Every moment? Of course not!
However, a glimpse of glory is afforded to my life each day to cause me to desire to go on...moment by moment.
To go on desiring to be alive!
Do you desire to be alive?
I met with someone this week whose only desire to go on was to see vengeance carried out on someone else.
What a waste of life!
What causes you to go on?
I don't know to what extent our intercourse went, but it ended almost as emotionally as it began.
Was that person affected by our talk? Absolutely!
Will it change her life? Time will tell.
The only assurance I have of anything is the peace I have from the Holy Spirit that I did my best at that moment. That is what I was alive for at that moment.
Why are you alive?

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