Saturday, March 13, 2010


How do you define that word?
Some people do almost anything to get it! (Just ask my folks!)
There are others, however, that do nothing out of the norm to get attention. They are not necessarily "seeking" it. And usually, they are the ones who appreciate it the most.
Shall we call them the "humble?"
There is a lady at our church. She is an octogenarian. She just keeps going and going and...
I have had the blessing of learning from her and her husband for the past 15 years. Her husband passes away just a few years ago. Up until just a few years before he passed, he was driving for one of those companies that runs lab work from hospitals to testing facilities and back. Yes, one of their drivers!
This lady, however, attracted attention by just that: her attention for others. Thus, she remained transparent, and Jesus showed through her.
She would come to me at some point during service and shake my hand. Her hand was never empty. When she began doing this I thought to myself "Five dollars! What am I going to do with this?"
"Doesn't she know about today's economy?"
I eventually learned that the more I took her gift for granted, the worse the economy in my house became!
Miss Jane is not back yet because she fell. I miss her with tears! Not for those covert handshakes, but for the genuineness of her person. The love she had was visible.
You could see her love in her eyes.
You could see her love in her smile.
She has the softest voice I have ever heard, and her speech was filled with love.
We miss her horribly.

I just got an email from the church. The 'subject' line said "$10."
I clicked on it.
"Jim, Miss Jane sent you $10 in her envelope. Do you want me to give it to you Sunday?"
I wipe the tears.
Ten dollars.
What am I going to do with ten dollars?

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