Monday, March 15, 2010


"Look! THERE IT IS!"
Each and every one of us who are born-again long to shout those words as we behold Jesus coming in the clouds at the sounding of that trumpet!
No more more hoping...
However, until then,

Shadows of eternity
are all I vision now...
but a glimpse of glory is
all Heaven will allow.
Everything envisioned is
but darkly, through a glass;
oh, but soon, all misconceptions
will forever pass!

"Soon and very soon..." My Father,
hearken to my prayer!
The desire of my heart,
oh God, is to be there!
Not to be envisioned, Lord,
except by these two eyes;
and nothing but "reality"
then to realize!

Envisioned e'er eternally,
yet through a glass so clear
with two very perfect windows
if I persevere!
Yea, will I press on, oh Father,
be it darkly so,
just to so partake of Thee,
Thy precious love to know!"

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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