Thursday, February 4, 2010


"God forgive me.
God, please forgive me!
Father God, when I ask for Your forgiveness, please make sure I am asking from the heart, and not just mouthing words to mask a sin that I enjoy.
Father, please forgive me.

O mercy undeserved,
provided unto man.
Will ever there be a reserve
attached to that great plan?
'Father God, forgive them...'
the Son of God implored;
our ignorance, our requisite
was known unto our Lord.

But God, let such not be a 'license'
for my pleasure's sake!
You know my heart, You know of the
transgressions I will make.
You also know that I enjoy
some things that You forbid--
'adjust' my hearts' desires so that
such shall never bid!

I am aware of that which You
abhor, that which You hate.
I cannot escape Your vision,
God, You are so great!!
But why should I desire such,
that Your desires 'come mine own,
and not a thing shall part.

'Father, please forgive me.'
I say it often because the Holy Spirit within me is faithful to reveal!
I say it often because my Father is faithful to forgive.
I say it often, but I need to be more attentive to that 'still, small voice' that You have made to dwell inside of me, that voice that I sometimes ignore, the Holy Spirit.
Father, please forgive me."

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