Monday, February 22, 2010


I am betrayed, o Father.
You will not betray me.
I have been in this relationship for so many years.
You have been in this relationship, as well. We have seen many seasons together.
Is this betrayal yet another season that we must endure?
Nothing will sever this accord!
Healing is necessary, not optional!
Though trust has been broken, I must continue to believe.
Somehow, trust must go on.
I cannot base relationships on the one I have with You, because You are perfect.
I could say that this is happening for a reason. The most sincere and righteous would tell me that. I would love to look at them as ask "What was 'the reason' that you went through yours?"
I'm sorry for that, Father. I must yet retain my sense of humor, though it would reek of vengeance.
I still love them, Father.
I KNOW that You still love them, as well.
I still believe in second chances, Father.
I can hear others say "Yea, a second chance for them to screw you!"
I choose to believe otherwise, Father, because You believe otherwise in them. You believe otherwise in me.
Thank You, Father, for believing in us. Thank You for forgiving ME!
I am a sinful man.
Show me how to be a merciful man.
Show me how to be a godly man.
In JESUS' Name,

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