Saturday, February 20, 2010


The days that are.
"Eat, drink and be merry..."
How about "Eat, drink and be READY:"

"O get us ready, Holy One,
that we may face the end!
That we prevail in Your strength
before we shall ascend!
While all of those around us voice
and vainly mention "god,"
let us firmly stand in YOU
onward for to trod!

Oh get us ready, this our prayer,
equipping us to go
even to the uttermost
that everyone could know!
Such Your order unto us,
such our calling, too.
Let there be no apprehension
in presenting You!

Oh get us ready, JESUS CHRIST,
if possible, to go
out of this life without remorse
or anguish as we go,
knowing we have done our best
for Your Kingdom nigh,
ready, Lord, to meet You at
the Trumpet in the sky!!"

Are YOU ready?
What about your family members?
What about that neighbor?
Take up the Cross and GO!

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