Sunday, February 7, 2010


A warm, inviting sanctuary...oh, how easy it is to join hearts and fellowship one with another.
But we are not called to "easy..."

Where again is fellowship...
with what...and with whom?
Is it only taken place
in an ordained room?
An embrace with a drink
and a conversation
on a street without a name...
who gave the invocation?

But what is godly fellowship?
Where again...with whom?
It's far beyond the dignity
of a hallowed room!
Sometimes it wreaks with aromas
not approved by all,
with the unloved and the unlovely
answering the call!

But what then is true fellowship?
where two or three are meet...
in the the home...
and even in the street!
Wherever two or three are gathered
be the Presence of
the One ordaining fellowship:
Lord Jesus--King of Love!

Yes, brethren, like it or not, Jesus Christ is right there with me ministering and conversing with those girls!
And if Jesus Christ was not at that table in the barroom that night, who would be writing these words?
Would you join us in fellowship?
It might even take you beyond the walls!

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