Saturday, February 13, 2010


As we get older, we are supposed to become wiser. But God looks upon that theory and just smiles...
Therefore, with pride, I declare
I do not understand again,
can even it be done?
The marvel of Your workmanship
in even this-Your son!
You weave together molecules
that I take in as breath,
You speak a thing called "gravity"
that keeps my steps from death!

I do not understand again,
should I resign attempt?
From capturing such wonderment
have You made me exempt?!
You saw that I would ponder this
before I was at all;
You smiled at my childishness
and kept me from the fall!

"I do not understand once more!"
You listen to my cry,
and grant me glimpses of creation
that will pacify
until I gaze into Your eyes
just there beyond the blast-
at which a brand new set of wonders
in my heart be cast!!!"

I do not understand at all
each moment 'come more clear,
but the Holy Spirit bade me
"Always persevere!"

The wiser I get, the more I realize how little I know! That puts me into a position to receive more of the wonder that God is able to provide!

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