Monday, February 22, 2010


I am betrayed, o Father.
You will not betray me.
I have been in this relationship for so many years.
You have been in this relationship, as well. We have seen many seasons together.
Is this betrayal yet another season that we must endure?
Nothing will sever this accord!
Healing is necessary, not optional!
Though trust has been broken, I must continue to believe.
Somehow, trust must go on.
I cannot base relationships on the one I have with You, because You are perfect.
I could say that this is happening for a reason. The most sincere and righteous would tell me that. I would love to look at them as ask "What was 'the reason' that you went through yours?"
I'm sorry for that, Father. I must yet retain my sense of humor, though it would reek of vengeance.
I still love them, Father.
I KNOW that You still love them, as well.
I still believe in second chances, Father.
I can hear others say "Yea, a second chance for them to screw you!"
I choose to believe otherwise, Father, because You believe otherwise in them. You believe otherwise in me.
Thank You, Father, for believing in us. Thank You for forgiving ME!
I am a sinful man.
Show me how to be a merciful man.
Show me how to be a godly man.
In JESUS' Name,

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The days that are.
"Eat, drink and be merry..."
How about "Eat, drink and be READY:"

"O get us ready, Holy One,
that we may face the end!
That we prevail in Your strength
before we shall ascend!
While all of those around us voice
and vainly mention "god,"
let us firmly stand in YOU
onward for to trod!

Oh get us ready, this our prayer,
equipping us to go
even to the uttermost
that everyone could know!
Such Your order unto us,
such our calling, too.
Let there be no apprehension
in presenting You!

Oh get us ready, JESUS CHRIST,
if possible, to go
out of this life without remorse
or anguish as we go,
knowing we have done our best
for Your Kingdom nigh,
ready, Lord, to meet You at
the Trumpet in the sky!!"

Are YOU ready?
What about your family members?
What about that neighbor?
Take up the Cross and GO!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peace is

Peace is all. And there is Peace
when peace is not at all.
Be there no Peace where peace is not
there surely be a fall.
But surely there is Peace when peace
cannot be figured out;
Oh cling to Peace! All else release
and do not ever doubt!

Peace is. Regardless of sight. Regardless of sound. Regardless of ANY emotion, Peace is!
Do you know Him?
Do you know how to "access" Him?
Peace is as close as a whisper, and He awaits the very same!
Do you access Peace?
Can you access Peace?
Peace sounds like this:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You are more!

You are more than words to me,
but speak to me always!
You are more than time to me,
but fill You all my days!
You are more than food and drink,
but I must ever dine!
You are more...and always,
unto You, will I resign!

You are more and You provide
much more than I require!
"The extra mile" is mere cliche
in what shall transpire!
More than I can fathom,
more than all of living!
You are more, my Father God,
more and more--so giving!

More...whatever you can imagine that is good, holy, just, pure, loving, true...God is this...and more! Far more than this poet can I'll shut up!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


As we get older, we are supposed to become wiser. But God looks upon that theory and just smiles...
Therefore, with pride, I declare
I do not understand again,
can even it be done?
The marvel of Your workmanship
in even this-Your son!
You weave together molecules
that I take in as breath,
You speak a thing called "gravity"
that keeps my steps from death!

I do not understand again,
should I resign attempt?
From capturing such wonderment
have You made me exempt?!
You saw that I would ponder this
before I was at all;
You smiled at my childishness
and kept me from the fall!

"I do not understand once more!"
You listen to my cry,
and grant me glimpses of creation
that will pacify
until I gaze into Your eyes
just there beyond the blast-
at which a brand new set of wonders
in my heart be cast!!!"

I do not understand at all
each moment 'come more clear,
but the Holy Spirit bade me
"Always persevere!"

The wiser I get, the more I realize how little I know! That puts me into a position to receive more of the wonder that God is able to provide!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Unfailing Lord

Trials are as life goes on,
for better or for worse.
The lessons that we learn from such
determine every purse.

Trials are as life goes on
for worse or for the better.
When lived correctly, unto wisdom
we will be a debtor.

Trials are as life goes on,
but they are just a fraction!
Victory goes on as well
as long as there is action!!

Trials are as life goes on
but victory prevails!
Go with Jesus through each trial,
Jesus never fails!

Jesus never fails.
Trials will go on. He told us that.
No matter what trials were, are or are yet to be, Jesus is the Victor, and He never fails!
He is with You step by step.
He is with You before each step!
If you cling to Him, He will direct every step you take, no matter what
Trials are as life goes on.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


A warm, inviting sanctuary...oh, how easy it is to join hearts and fellowship one with another.
But we are not called to "easy..."

Where again is fellowship...
with what...and with whom?
Is it only taken place
in an ordained room?
An embrace with a drink
and a conversation
on a street without a name...
who gave the invocation?

But what is godly fellowship?
Where again...with whom?
It's far beyond the dignity
of a hallowed room!
Sometimes it wreaks with aromas
not approved by all,
with the unloved and the unlovely
answering the call!

But what then is true fellowship?
where two or three are meet...
in the the home...
and even in the street!
Wherever two or three are gathered
be the Presence of
the One ordaining fellowship:
Lord Jesus--King of Love!

Yes, brethren, like it or not, Jesus Christ is right there with me ministering and conversing with those girls!
And if Jesus Christ was not at that table in the barroom that night, who would be writing these words?
Would you join us in fellowship?
It might even take you beyond the walls!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Light of All

"Light of all Creation,
illuminate, I pray.
Enliven with Your glory as
You frame another day!
Nothing to exist apart
from Your reality;
nothing to escape Your awesome

Worthy Light of all, we bow--
You are so glorious!
Even language slowly pales
as You reveal to us!
The glowing of Your glory rages very real!
Light of all--impossible
for living to conceal!

Light of all Creation,
and beautiful as much.
Life cannot be life unless
it's taking of Your touch!
Everything is beautiful
and basking in Your light.
Illuminate us in Your love;
Reality delight!"

Reality is God. Like it or not.
Creation cannot be without Him, for He is Light.
Admit it and enjoy!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


"God forgive me.
God, please forgive me!
Father God, when I ask for Your forgiveness, please make sure I am asking from the heart, and not just mouthing words to mask a sin that I enjoy.
Father, please forgive me.

O mercy undeserved,
provided unto man.
Will ever there be a reserve
attached to that great plan?
'Father God, forgive them...'
the Son of God implored;
our ignorance, our requisite
was known unto our Lord.

But God, let such not be a 'license'
for my pleasure's sake!
You know my heart, You know of the
transgressions I will make.
You also know that I enjoy
some things that You forbid--
'adjust' my hearts' desires so that
such shall never bid!

I am aware of that which You
abhor, that which You hate.
I cannot escape Your vision,
God, You are so great!!
But why should I desire such,
that Your desires 'come mine own,
and not a thing shall part.

'Father, please forgive me.'
I say it often because the Holy Spirit within me is faithful to reveal!
I say it often because my Father is faithful to forgive.
I say it often, but I need to be more attentive to that 'still, small voice' that You have made to dwell inside of me, that voice that I sometimes ignore, the Holy Spirit.
Father, please forgive me."

Monday, February 1, 2010


Are words necessary? There are some places and situations where words have no requirement at all.
Usually associated with an emotion, photograph or scene,

Words are necessary not at all—
there is a heart response unto The Call.
But words are what are given to affirm
that life will be lived upon His term.
And quality of words to matter not;
and quantity is oft an afterthought!
The heart is listened to and qualified,
therefore, the chosen will not be denied!

Words are not required but are said
and even written so they may be read!
To be unread would be an awful shame,
as so much gift be in the words to claim!
Seek the words, therefore, that are alive—
words assisting living to arrive!
Those are the Words containing life again—
they are the words that guarantee the win!

Fortunately, words are essential.
Fortunately, people like this writer appreciate and use words.
Fortunately, there is still an appetite, an obsession if you will, to find just the right word at the right time!
Fortunately, THE WORD is still among us, spurring us on to capture Him in just the right way.
Will that ever happen?



Do you realize that we are already into the second month of a new DECADE! (Technicalities!) What did you want ten years ago?
I remember folks freaking out over Y2K and all that was supposed to go wrong with computers because it was a new CENTURY!
Does that mean I am growing older? (Don't tell mom & dad, but this also means that their 'baby' is also going to be another DECADE older.)
Look back at all of the catastrophes that have happened during this century. If you are reading this, that means that you have survived them!
Man's predictions are no match for God's will. If God wants it to happen, it will, no matter what man thinks. Does that mean that God is not moved by our prayers? Of course not! But what an awesome life it is to pray the will of God and watch life happen!
A new decade. What are you praying for? Do your prayers involve 'the moment,' or do your prayers go beyond time? Ten years from now, will you have forgotten what you prayed for, or will you be saying "Father, look! That's what we were praying about in ______!!"