Saturday, January 30, 2010

Verse Among Us

The “masterpieces” are not left merely for “the masters,” because

People are the poetry
the Father glorifies.
He’s seen in oh so many ways,
just look into the eyes.
So many are incapable
of gazing at the same,
but do so! There a vision of
His Majesty to claim!

Poetry in motion is
our love for one another.
Another verse to be each time
we edify each other.
Each time we lay ourselves aside
and take another on,
poetry—it happens, and
another ‘self’ is gone!

How beautiful—the poetry
that Father God ordains!
The heart and soul of everyone
His poetry contains!

Are you aware of beautiful verses as you look around? It is known that it is quite difficult for a lot of people to look into the eyes of someone else when conversing.

So many people recognize poetry in others…but 'curses,' not ‘verses.’
Don’t give up! Keep looking! Because God sees poetry in you!


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