Friday, January 15, 2010


Often, I must slow down, actually stop and "realize" life. Once there, I must reaffirm the only truths that get me through the day...

"You have my seasons numbered,
I need You through them each!
Order my steps in Your calling,
Lord, would I beseech!
Too much of my 'self' would tempt
and sway me from the path;
such to end up in frustration,
even to bid wrath.
But if I cling unto Your purpose
for my moments all,
to make it through frustrations I
would have the wherewithal.

So cling will I unto the way,
the Straight and Narrow Way,
knowing You are all-sufficient
for the very day!
Religion-it is not the way,
no creed will get me through,
only my relation and
obedience to You."

Once said, I can take a deep breath and move on in His victory--whatever scale it be.


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