Thursday, January 14, 2010


One time more upon the shore
and wonderful the breeze!
The current is to captivate,
setting all at ease.
Silence is accompanied
by lapping at the shore;
and transportation is accomplished
greatly one time more.

But why to be transported from
so glorious a place?
Why to seek escape from such
locale of blessed grace?
Why for to assume His Presence
elsewhere to exist?
Oh, but here He is escorting
in the early mist!

One time more upon the shore
and settled until then—
that trip back to reality,
and mattering not when;
only to enjoy the haven
til He moves along
unto another place of grace
existing in the song.

How wonderful to capture the fulness of His Presence in HIS time and HIS location!
Does your vision of God allow Him to be all He desires in your life, or must He stay in the box that YOU have designed for Him?


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