Friday, January 22, 2010


Again for to remind life of
a far and greater realm:
something life cannot contain,
God truly at the helm.
The Holy Spirit to reside
that life to govern all.
Can there be living as we know
for such an awesome call?!
But living won't be as we know,
thus cause for celebration!!
That life in greater realm shall be
without such limitation!
Limitations that pursue
and overtake us here;
limitations that erode-
corruption so severe.

Again, remind us of a life
that we can fathom not
in a place where "perfect" is,
and absent be all rot!
We cannot make us good enough,
but that is no excuse
to go on living as we will
continuing abuse!
Reminding us of a life before,
expectant of that day!
Living rules and attributes
of The Narrow Way.
It is truly possible,
or He would have said;
if it were not, then Jesus Christ
would surely still be dead.

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