Friday, January 29, 2010

Leave me alone?

One sacrifice. Done!
Nothing else for me to do but accept it.

You couldn't leave my sin unsolved
and just go on living.
No, You had to die for me
life and mercy giving.
Not another sacrifice
for someone such as I,
only someone without sin
to come, to live, to die.

No other sacrifice at all,
And no one yet to know the sum
of everything You’ve done!
But You continue such, oh Lord,
for someone such as I—
and what about the promises
that wait beyond the sky?

You couldn’t leave my sin unsolved
because You knew the sum!
And such will be there just ahead
as in the clouds You come!!

You couldn’t leave our sin alone. You love us that much. You went through what no one else could. In some lives, in some places, You still go through it. Unnecessarily.
Oh, what love!


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