Friday, January 22, 2010

Gift of Marriage

Why isn't marriage a binding contract anymore?
Why is it something with so little respect?

“Father, please forgive me.
Lord Jesus, please be the head of my marriage once more.
Not the head of my commodity…
Not head of my '30-day trial…'
Head of my marriage;
Not the head of 'just until the kids grow up…'
Head of my MARRIAGE!
Lord, thank You for the woman that You have blessed my life with.
Thank You for the woman who has stayed with me…in spite of the man that I really am.
Thank You for the lady, woman, lover, friend, wife that has stayed with me in spite of the _______ I have been, the ______ that I am.
Lord, I know that YOU are unhappy with who and what I am at times, thus I know that she must be.
Jesus, make me more like You. For if I am, I know that I shall be pleasing unto my wife as well.
And Lord, please return the gift of marriage to the rightful place that You intended.
In JESUS’ Name,

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