Sunday, January 24, 2010


Dancing in the glory,
every step ordained.
Partnering with Him in Whom
is majesty contained.
Is such as this 'rehearsed?'
Can anybody know?
But give the lead to Him alone
and, in the Spirit, go!

The dance apart from anything
that may affect at all...
Enter into harmony
responding to the call:
the calling of the Spirit,
the call unto the heart...
give the lead to Him alone
and do not ever part!

Dancing in the glory of
the Father and the Son;
oh, the leading of the Spirit
causing us be One!
How intimate His calling--
to move and to be moved.
Give the lead to His emotions,
find the dance approved.

This dance requires absolute submission. When it is your turn to lead, the Holy Spirit will tell you. Not before.
It is well worth the wait!

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