Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Broken Arms

The storm was long ago.
The ice is a memory. For some, a terrifying memory. But life is.
One must only look outside for reminders.
The most stalwart of sentinels are standing. Though they brought forth and did their duty, they still have broken arms hanging. But even from those fractured limbs, life continues...weary wings still cling...
The storm was long ago, but life is.
Life is often pruned in unpleasant ways, but life is.
It is ugly, but life is.
The poet falters in defining the current colors, but life is!
That skeleton through the frame will know metamorphosis within weeks and memories of today will be forgotten...because life is.
The life that is now desired will flourish.
Those standing skeletons will don awesome garments, because life is.

"Father God, thank You for life. Thank You for the phases of life that we fail to notice. Thank You for those phases of life that we outright ignore. Thank You for those broken arms...those opportunities that You provide to prove to us that You are in control. Thank You for causing this pen to note the wonder that You are, and that You are about to perform!
The storm was long ago, but Your creation is constant, and broken arms are only part of that wonderful creation.

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