Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beyond words...

The heartaches and the brokenness
He always understands.
Healing for the suffering
He has within His hands.
O but in His eyes is everything
that anyone can need,
and His embrace is the canal
for Him to intercede.
He knows the breaking that is felt,
the suffering so slow;
but He has ways to turn it all around
and make life grow!
And even when I do not even
know my want or need,
He walks alongside, reassuring
pain will soon recede!

The heartaches and the brokenness
are real unto us all.
And varied are the avenues
when such would come to call.
But certain is The Escort when
each one of them we face;
and He shall see us through as we
go through them by His grace.

Of course each of us have been there. Those of us who have not are in denial!
Reach out!
It has been said that there are three kinds of people regarding heartache, pain or loss:
Those who are going to experience it,
Those who are experiencing it,
Those who have experienced it.
That covers just about all of us.
And you know what? God is right there through it all. Don't ignore Him! HE IS all that you need to get THROUGH it, but we are also here for each other.
He put us here for each other.
Reach out.

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