Saturday, January 30, 2010

Verse Among Us

The “masterpieces” are not left merely for “the masters,” because

People are the poetry
the Father glorifies.
He’s seen in oh so many ways,
just look into the eyes.
So many are incapable
of gazing at the same,
but do so! There a vision of
His Majesty to claim!

Poetry in motion is
our love for one another.
Another verse to be each time
we edify each other.
Each time we lay ourselves aside
and take another on,
poetry—it happens, and
another ‘self’ is gone!

How beautiful—the poetry
that Father God ordains!
The heart and soul of everyone
His poetry contains!

Are you aware of beautiful verses as you look around? It is known that it is quite difficult for a lot of people to look into the eyes of someone else when conversing.

So many people recognize poetry in others…but 'curses,' not ‘verses.’
Don’t give up! Keep looking! Because God sees poetry in you!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Leave me alone?

One sacrifice. Done!
Nothing else for me to do but accept it.

You couldn't leave my sin unsolved
and just go on living.
No, You had to die for me
life and mercy giving.
Not another sacrifice
for someone such as I,
only someone without sin
to come, to live, to die.

No other sacrifice at all,
And no one yet to know the sum
of everything You’ve done!
But You continue such, oh Lord,
for someone such as I—
and what about the promises
that wait beyond the sky?

You couldn’t leave my sin unsolved
because You knew the sum!
And such will be there just ahead
as in the clouds You come!!

You couldn’t leave our sin alone. You love us that much. You went through what no one else could. In some lives, in some places, You still go through it. Unnecessarily.
Oh, what love!


Different Day

It has been said "What a difference a day makes..."
The still, sunny waters I wrote about yesterday are now frozen and covered with snow!!
But God remains God, and His goodness remains something to write about...

Flurries, they are once again...
frozen is the foreseen rain!
but God remains the same!
And beautiful the morning yet.
No stress be of what life will get.
His glories are to claim.
Life will not be as before.
Dependence on God will be more?
But glorify His Name!

Yes, the day must be rearranged. Some things cancelled altogether. But life will go on, and God will be God!
Live it with me, won't you?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Too busy...

On waters that are beautiful and still,
those of wing are frolicking at will;
dawn accompanies them with a song
and, for the moment, not a thing is wrong.

Miracle of morning...
o, the joy of first!
Listen to the melody
so old and unrehearsed!

On waters that are beautiful and still,
life reflecting living and...until...
Morning, oh so glorious, so new--
see it so alive within the dew!

Too busy? Slow down then! See God's creation.
I promise you that if you will notice the 'little' things, the memories of such will cause the 'bigger' things of your day to go by successfully!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where is the point?!

Again, the enemy to rear it’s head.
Again, the blood of innocents be shed.
How many are the fingers now to point?
How blindly now are men to miss the point?!

The is a bold line between ‘missing the point’ and ‘ignoring it completely!’
When we are more concerned about the rights of the criminal than we are about the rights of the victim, where is the point?

Again, the enemy to rear it’s head.
The time, the money seeking how he’s led.
Satan be the one and only source.
The only ‘newness’ be his means and course.

Political? Absolutely not! Use your head!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Way

A wise person has said "Just because I don't see a way doesn't mean God does not have a way."

Again, to look at what cannot be seen.
Application--but what can it mean?
The base of such may never come to know,
that does not mean that He has let us go!

Just because we cannot SEE the way,
He is still the only guiding Way!
He still orders everything we need.
In The Way alone must we proceed.

The Narrow Way. No other way? Yes, there are multitudes of other ways! But only One Way is right.
Cling to the Narrow Way!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Blessings on you.
Blessings to you.
Blessings continually from God the Father.
I hate saying that: God "THE" Father!
"THE" refers to him as a THING He's not a THING! He is a loving individual, Whose love is greater than one can explain!
Blessings to you from God MY Father!
Blessings to you from God OUR Father!
That's better.
I am just as guilty as any of referring to "the" Father. Pray for me, please.

When saying or when singing,
when thinking or when dreaming,
it's GOD we celebrate,
no other be so great!

But saying or mere singing
is nowhere near His due.
So very much invested
by Him in me and you!
Give Him your every thought and word,
He's worthy of it all!
He takes surrendered hearts and He
applies them to His call.

"Our Father God in Heaven,
our Father God right here,
MY Father God, we celebrate
Your love so very dear!"


Sunday, January 24, 2010


Dancing in the glory,
every step ordained.
Partnering with Him in Whom
is majesty contained.
Is such as this 'rehearsed?'
Can anybody know?
But give the lead to Him alone
and, in the Spirit, go!

The dance apart from anything
that may affect at all...
Enter into harmony
responding to the call:
the calling of the Spirit,
the call unto the heart...
give the lead to Him alone
and do not ever part!

Dancing in the glory of
the Father and the Son;
oh, the leading of the Spirit
causing us be One!
How intimate His calling--
to move and to be moved.
Give the lead to His emotions,
find the dance approved.

This dance requires absolute submission. When it is your turn to lead, the Holy Spirit will tell you. Not before.
It is well worth the wait!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gift of Marriage

Why isn't marriage a binding contract anymore?
Why is it something with so little respect?

“Father, please forgive me.
Lord Jesus, please be the head of my marriage once more.
Not the head of my commodity…
Not head of my '30-day trial…'
Head of my marriage;
Not the head of 'just until the kids grow up…'
Head of my MARRIAGE!
Lord, thank You for the woman that You have blessed my life with.
Thank You for the woman who has stayed with me…in spite of the man that I really am.
Thank You for the lady, woman, lover, friend, wife that has stayed with me in spite of the _______ I have been, the ______ that I am.
Lord, I know that YOU are unhappy with who and what I am at times, thus I know that she must be.
Jesus, make me more like You. For if I am, I know that I shall be pleasing unto my wife as well.
And Lord, please return the gift of marriage to the rightful place that You intended.
In JESUS’ Name,


Again for to remind life of
a far and greater realm:
something life cannot contain,
God truly at the helm.
The Holy Spirit to reside
that life to govern all.
Can there be living as we know
for such an awesome call?!
But living won't be as we know,
thus cause for celebration!!
That life in greater realm shall be
without such limitation!
Limitations that pursue
and overtake us here;
limitations that erode-
corruption so severe.

Again, remind us of a life
that we can fathom not
in a place where "perfect" is,
and absent be all rot!
We cannot make us good enough,
but that is no excuse
to go on living as we will
continuing abuse!
Reminding us of a life before,
expectant of that day!
Living rules and attributes
of The Narrow Way.
It is truly possible,
or He would have said;
if it were not, then Jesus Christ
would surely still be dead.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Words

Vocabulary leave me,
His Presence is too real!
I'll not compete with you right now,
no verses may reveal!
This Presence is too wonderful
to capture on a page;
to apprehend it here may drive
the poet into rage!!

"Oh, but to be in Your Presence,
and not another place!
The glory of Your majesty
matched only by Your grace!
Rhyme and rhythm only come
as You ordain each line,
and only by Your grace these words
flow from this pen of mine!"

Grace alone composing...
grace alone record...
grace and not another way
so gifted by the Lord.
Grace so very silent...
grace so very loud...
grace beyond vocabulary!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Glory Day

What do you do first thing in the morning?

What about changing that and realizing that

Glory greets another day

in ways none other can.

Another day--and yet anew

when known to privy man.

Yesterday, it is no more,

tomorrow is not yet;

the present is the greatest gift

that anyone may get!

What shall be done with such a gift?

Unwrap the same with care!

Do not take for granted any

blessing it would bear!

It would not be 'today' unless

it be ordained by One;

unwrap the same excitedly

and cry "Thy will be done!"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beyond words...

The heartaches and the brokenness
He always understands.
Healing for the suffering
He has within His hands.
O but in His eyes is everything
that anyone can need,
and His embrace is the canal
for Him to intercede.
He knows the breaking that is felt,
the suffering so slow;
but He has ways to turn it all around
and make life grow!
And even when I do not even
know my want or need,
He walks alongside, reassuring
pain will soon recede!

The heartaches and the brokenness
are real unto us all.
And varied are the avenues
when such would come to call.
But certain is The Escort when
each one of them we face;
and He shall see us through as we
go through them by His grace.

Of course each of us have been there. Those of us who have not are in denial!
Reach out!
It has been said that there are three kinds of people regarding heartache, pain or loss:
Those who are going to experience it,
Those who are experiencing it,
Those who have experienced it.
That covers just about all of us.
And you know what? God is right there through it all. Don't ignore Him! HE IS all that you need to get THROUGH it, but we are also here for each other.
He put us here for each other.
Reach out.

Creator Friend

So very blessed are the ones that claim such! However, God is wanting everyone to realize that! Once you recognize and acknowledge Him as your Father, He will call you friend as well!

Creator of Creation-
the same, He is my Friend.
Yet unlike any other, our accord,
it shall not end.
It hinges on not anything,
no thing at all may sever;
He looks at me and says words like
He shows me His creation
and teaches me to care.
Of beauty and of sanctity
He makes this man aware.
It causes me to have a great
respect for what He makes:
mountains, deserts, hills, valleys,
oceans, rivers, lakes.
And all of life upon the same
He is Creator of.
So very fortunate, the ones
aware of His great love.
And even more, the ones aware
that He is their best Friend!
Relate yourself to The Creator-
such shall never end!

Just call out to Him! It is that easy. He loves you that much! As you behold the glory and the majesty of creation, you can declare "My Friend made that!"

Friday, January 15, 2010


Often, I must slow down, actually stop and "realize" life. Once there, I must reaffirm the only truths that get me through the day...

"You have my seasons numbered,
I need You through them each!
Order my steps in Your calling,
Lord, would I beseech!
Too much of my 'self' would tempt
and sway me from the path;
such to end up in frustration,
even to bid wrath.
But if I cling unto Your purpose
for my moments all,
to make it through frustrations I
would have the wherewithal.

So cling will I unto the way,
the Straight and Narrow Way,
knowing You are all-sufficient
for the very day!
Religion-it is not the way,
no creed will get me through,
only my relation and
obedience to You."

Once said, I can take a deep breath and move on in His victory--whatever scale it be.


Thursday, January 14, 2010


One time more upon the shore
and wonderful the breeze!
The current is to captivate,
setting all at ease.
Silence is accompanied
by lapping at the shore;
and transportation is accomplished
greatly one time more.

But why to be transported from
so glorious a place?
Why to seek escape from such
locale of blessed grace?
Why for to assume His Presence
elsewhere to exist?
Oh, but here He is escorting
in the early mist!

One time more upon the shore
and settled until then—
that trip back to reality,
and mattering not when;
only to enjoy the haven
til He moves along
unto another place of grace
existing in the song.

How wonderful to capture the fulness of His Presence in HIS time and HIS location!
Does your vision of God allow Him to be all He desires in your life, or must He stay in the box that YOU have designed for Him?


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Broken Arms

The storm was long ago.
The ice is a memory. For some, a terrifying memory. But life is.
One must only look outside for reminders.
The most stalwart of sentinels are standing. Though they brought forth and did their duty, they still have broken arms hanging. But even from those fractured limbs, life continues...weary wings still cling...
The storm was long ago, but life is.
Life is often pruned in unpleasant ways, but life is.
It is ugly, but life is.
The poet falters in defining the current colors, but life is!
That skeleton through the frame will know metamorphosis within weeks and memories of today will be forgotten...because life is.
The life that is now desired will flourish.
Those standing skeletons will don awesome garments, because life is.

"Father God, thank You for life. Thank You for the phases of life that we fail to notice. Thank You for those phases of life that we outright ignore. Thank You for those broken arms...those opportunities that You provide to prove to us that You are in control. Thank You for causing this pen to note the wonder that You are, and that You are about to perform!
The storm was long ago, but Your creation is constant, and broken arms are only part of that wonderful creation.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I have cause to worship,
and I will praise the Lord!
He furnishes into this life
what I cannot afford.
He provides beyond this life
what not another can;
my cause to worship, it is even
part of that great plan!!

Oh, that awesome Plan containing
cause to celebrate.
Celebrate Almighty God,
so good and oh, so great!
So many causes are there to sing
praises to His Name!
Can even there be number to
the ones this man may claim?

I have cause to worship-
if only for my breath!
And I shall know a breathing even
far beyond my death!
Oh, but even that-a portal unto
grand and greater praise
that shall be as we worship God
throughout eternal days!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Comfort Zone

The flurries are once more,
(on top of that before!)
and it is blowing...
the single digits are
it's odd but not bizarre;
and it is snowing...

...and what about the wind chill?!
I'm sorry. I am a southern California transplant. Again, life is using terms I never grew up with: Wind Chill Factor and Snow Flurries.
One of those terms is beautiful!
Again, life finds itself repeating the verse "In everything give thanks. For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
One would gripe and moan about the burden that the weather is.
Another would glorify and praise God for the beauty that the weather is. And often, those two are in the same household. (Right, mom and dad?)
Join in as the beauty and majesty of His creation is enjoyed today.