Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Home just called. 26 degrees. 2" snow.
40 degrees here. Snow white sand.
We all have our crosses to bear.
But you know what? God is here! And God is there!
It has been written before, His Presence is not affected by environment. In fact, He is the very Creator of such! (That is well-said, as well.)
The poetry of this? JUST BEING HERE!!
The Atlantic was almost motionless...
The floe was TREMENDOUS...
The silence THUNDERED...
Then Matt said "THERE'S OUR MAN!"
Across the reeds, across the rushes, over the palms, atop an aged pine...a Bald Eagle.
A Bald Eagle!
Some would say "Big deal." "We see those all the time!" "It's just a bird!"
Good for you. They are still striking!
Some who read this have yet to see a real one, especially in the wild. They must rely on photography and word.
Hopefully, these words will give them a picture that will suffice.
Can you see?

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