Wednesday, December 2, 2009


"'Tis the season of ________!"
Whatever you put into that blank, it can NEVER contain the FULLNESS of its Truth!
This day and age attempts to insert a plethora into that blank, but Truth remains!
Are You running from it?

Perfect Love comes with a Name,
a personality.
It does not have a limit to
It is a love without a fault,
unlike love in this place;
it is the love of no one else
but Jesus--Lord of Grace!

This life is so conditional
in what it will dispense.
Love is this place usually
is based on recompense!
But the Love that has a Name
no stipulation knows!
Out of a life that gives itself
away, it freely flows!

Perfect Love, almost unknown,
and greater than a "season!!"
The Father's love, through Jesus Christ-
"Oh cease attempts to 'reason!'"
Look ye deep inside, beyond
whatever you might see
that Perfect Love embraces you
no matter what would be!

Slow down...STOP! Cry out the Truth! Let Him show you the Joy that is more that seasonal!

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