Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Do you know someone who is in prison?
Are you a prisoner?
Not all prisons are physical fortresses with physical cells and bars.
Some prisons are emotional.
Some prisons are the very place you live, and the warden may be the one you live with...the one you are married to.
Other prisons, however, are fortresses with bars and those within have done something illegal. They deserve to be behind bars, but they do not deserve to be forgotten. Jesus even specifically told us to visit them.
What if we had Jesus' heart towards them...

I saw you long before you were,
and all that would be done;
that's why I had to die for you
by sending My Own Son.
You feel sorry? That is good.
Get over it. It's done.
Now dedicate your life to Me
and make me number One!
I forgave you. Now you must
forgive yourself of all.
Old things are passed away, and you
are living for My Call!
No matter what it was, My Blood,
it covers everything!
I AM the Song, and you have cause
to enter in and sing!

Long before you did it, I knew
all that you would do.
That is why I sent Jesus Christ
if just for only you!
It is finished! Now arise
and stay the Narrow Way.
You are not your own: you are Mine
from this very day!

Are you in prison?
Are you in a prison?
Whether a physical or emotional prison, Jesus is there for you!
And whatever kind of prisoner we know, we are to pray for them, and know that we may be the only Jesus they may ever see.
Be there.

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