Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Only

One only Star to follow,
One only Star to guide...
One only Star directed them
unto the Savior's side.

One only Way remaining,
One Way and not another;
One only King, Messiah, Savior,
Prophet, Priest and Brother!

One only since the starting
was planned and known by One.
The Same, for He appointed Christ--
His one begotten Son!

One only God to know me,
One only understands;
One only to protect and shield me
with His able hands!

One only Star to follow,
One only Star remains!
One only Lord and not another...
hear the joyous strains!

One only song to sing this Christmas...and ALWAYS! That song is JESUS CHRIST!
Yes, I am narrow-minded!!
What about you?

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