Saturday, December 5, 2009


Creation is to know His Name
in miracle, somehow;
eternity to hear His Words
according to The Vow!
And on that Day He promised, every
eye shall see Him come--
for the moment, though, He is
availed to only some.

And what of the unveiling,
Be it 'seasonal' at best?
The heavenlies rejoice at Him,
are men to be as blessed?
The answers lie alone inside
the heart of every man.
None may answer for another-
perfect be The Plan!

Jesus is the Answer in
this season...and always!
THE Answer for eternity-
not seasons and not days!
The Answer to the heart and soul
that constantly are longing;
The Answer and the only One
to which life is belonging

Questions, questions, questions...and NOT just seasonal!
The questions of life are eventually all answered by One: Jesus Christ!
Regardless of the scope or subject of the muse, it will ultimately end up at Him!
Do you have The Answer?

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