Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas spirit

Silent night, peace on earth…
I thought the pain might stop;
the friendliest of Christmas greeting
came from that last cop.
No tree, no gifts, no family
to gather here with me;
but Jesus Christ is in my heart

My momma and my daddy taught me,
(and I yet remember,)
what Christmas season truly is,
and there remains an ember.
Though the street’s become my home,
it’s not become my heart;
and with a dream alive in me,
THE GIFT may I impart!

Silent night it is as others
gather with their own.
But silent night is not within,
for there is singing known!
I sing about my Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ, my King!
And think about the presents that
my present state may bring.

I can hear it now:

"Yea right, bald guy! You have never been here!"
I must agree, I haven't. But I have known some street people. And their attitude and outlook has been incredible! And the ones that I am around at times have proven to be the same way.

I need to live by my heart and not by any other sense!

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