Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Card Home

Mom and dad,
In a time when I am counting my blessings, (when most should be counting their blessings,) I see you yet once more at the root of every one of them. God bless you.
I am so fortunate that in our family, we do not have to give gifts in proportion to the value of the receiver...for then I would be bankrupt!
This year, we are doing our best. With you, I cannot give back according to ANY scale, but what you get is from the heart. With you, it would be absolutely impossible to return gift for gift, as you have gifted us all year long with your 'care' packages! With you, whatever you have ever received has sufficed. Thank you.
I feel almost like I must 'prepare you' for how little you will be receiving from us for Christmas this year. Again, that has NEVER been an issue with you...EVER! Thank you again. Instead of counting their blessings, I know too many people who are counting their presents or packages. And of those, some could care less about what is in the box, they just want to 'keep score.' Thank you for raising us better!
A few weeks ago, I told you I was 'jealous' of my brother because they were able to buy you bigger, better and more "things." Thank you for setting me straight. Yet again you made me focus on the truth that 'gifts' are more than mere 'things.'
I appreciate you both. I wish we could be together physically this year. I know that we will be together in spirit. Greater, though, we are together in heart. (Aaah! That's too cliché! Surely the poet can do better!)
We love you. But you already know that. Thank you for never tiring of hearing it. Jesus loves you. (You knew that, too.) I hope you don't mind, but this year, the whole world reading this will know. And if they knew how wonderful you both are, they would love you as well.
Merry Christmas!

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