Thursday, December 31, 2009

Savior? What Savior?

"I've never heard of him. He must always be fine..."
"That guy is never on my prayer list, so he must not need anything."
"I see him in the spotlight, so he probably has the best..."

But Father, who will pray for him?
Does he have a voice?
Has he any cause to
celebrate or to rejoice?
What are even his concerns?

"What Would Jesus Do?" Has it
become now mere cliche?
Compassion now so narrow?
THIS is the "Narrow Way?"
Once more "Who is my brother?" cries out
from a desperate heart!
What sacrifices must take place,
the "real Jesus" to impart?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Home just called. 26 degrees. 2" snow.
40 degrees here. Snow white sand.
We all have our crosses to bear.
But you know what? God is here! And God is there!
It has been written before, His Presence is not affected by environment. In fact, He is the very Creator of such! (That is well-said, as well.)
The poetry of this? JUST BEING HERE!!
The Atlantic was almost motionless...
The floe was TREMENDOUS...
The silence THUNDERED...
Then Matt said "THERE'S OUR MAN!"
Across the reeds, across the rushes, over the palms, atop an aged pine...a Bald Eagle.
A Bald Eagle!
Some would say "Big deal." "We see those all the time!" "It's just a bird!"
Good for you. They are still striking!
Some who read this have yet to see a real one, especially in the wild. They must rely on photography and word.
Hopefully, these words will give them a picture that will suffice.
Can you see?

Monday, December 21, 2009


Rise and shine...again...morning is certain.
But morning does NOT have to be dreaded, as it is by so many!
Just listen closely...

Noises of the morning are
as God approaches nigh.
So blest, the land to have the
company of the Most High!
Everything He touches glows,
shines and beautifies...
so fortunate, the life that looks
into His very eyes!
Noises of the morning then
become a symphony!
God conducts perfection as
His Presence comes to be!
Behold the glory of Him as
He charts the Narrow Way,
and dedicate each moment to HIM:
Bringer of the Day!!

Accept the day that He brings.
DECIDE that it will be a beautiful day.
Enjoy every moment with Him!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Only

One only Star to follow,
One only Star to guide...
One only Star directed them
unto the Savior's side.

One only Way remaining,
One Way and not another;
One only King, Messiah, Savior,
Prophet, Priest and Brother!

One only since the starting
was planned and known by One.
The Same, for He appointed Christ--
His one begotten Son!

One only God to know me,
One only understands;
One only to protect and shield me
with His able hands!

One only Star to follow,
One only Star remains!
One only Lord and not another...
hear the joyous strains!

One only song to sing this Christmas...and ALWAYS! That song is JESUS CHRIST!
Yes, I am narrow-minded!!
What about you?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas spirit

Silent night, peace on earth…
I thought the pain might stop;
the friendliest of Christmas greeting
came from that last cop.
No tree, no gifts, no family
to gather here with me;
but Jesus Christ is in my heart

My momma and my daddy taught me,
(and I yet remember,)
what Christmas season truly is,
and there remains an ember.
Though the street’s become my home,
it’s not become my heart;
and with a dream alive in me,
THE GIFT may I impart!

Silent night it is as others
gather with their own.
But silent night is not within,
for there is singing known!
I sing about my Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ, my King!
And think about the presents that
my present state may bring.

I can hear it now:

"Yea right, bald guy! You have never been here!"
I must agree, I haven't. But I have known some street people. And their attitude and outlook has been incredible! And the ones that I am around at times have proven to be the same way.

I need to live by my heart and not by any other sense!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Card Home

Mom and dad,
In a time when I am counting my blessings, (when most should be counting their blessings,) I see you yet once more at the root of every one of them. God bless you.
I am so fortunate that in our family, we do not have to give gifts in proportion to the value of the receiver...for then I would be bankrupt!
This year, we are doing our best. With you, I cannot give back according to ANY scale, but what you get is from the heart. With you, it would be absolutely impossible to return gift for gift, as you have gifted us all year long with your 'care' packages! With you, whatever you have ever received has sufficed. Thank you.
I feel almost like I must 'prepare you' for how little you will be receiving from us for Christmas this year. Again, that has NEVER been an issue with you...EVER! Thank you again. Instead of counting their blessings, I know too many people who are counting their presents or packages. And of those, some could care less about what is in the box, they just want to 'keep score.' Thank you for raising us better!
A few weeks ago, I told you I was 'jealous' of my brother because they were able to buy you bigger, better and more "things." Thank you for setting me straight. Yet again you made me focus on the truth that 'gifts' are more than mere 'things.'
I appreciate you both. I wish we could be together physically this year. I know that we will be together in spirit. Greater, though, we are together in heart. (Aaah! That's too cliché! Surely the poet can do better!)
We love you. But you already know that. Thank you for never tiring of hearing it. Jesus loves you. (You knew that, too.) I hope you don't mind, but this year, the whole world reading this will know. And if they knew how wonderful you both are, they would love you as well.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


In spite of life everywhere, something is going on somewhere...and that which is happening somewhere just happens to be affecting life everywhere!
Let it not be something seasonal!

Adoration happens
that nothing can prevent.
Worship is unto His Grace
in spite of the event.
God is God regardless of
how anybody feels,
and tragedy of any scale
more of His grace reveals.

“IT HURTS! I cannot see it!”
“IT HURTS! I cannot feel!”
But it is more than any sense
may mask or may reveal!
Adoration is—beyond
the limits of this place!
Adoration is because
of grace—abundant grace!

Adoration happens. No matter what life has going on, it is temporary. God is eternal, and we shall be adoring and worshipping Him eternally.
Pain happens.
Hurt happens.
Disaster happens.
Death happens.

But once more, all of that is temporary.
I want to practice that which is eternal!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


In the sunshine, I wonder what gift I will get from my friend...
As I breathe, I wonder what my brother will give me...
As I walk, I imagine what my wife will get me...
As I shop, I wonder what I will get from my kids...
all the while, I go about this without a thought about
Who made that sunshine,
Who gave me breath,
Who enables me to walk,
Who provides a means to shop with...
and Whose birthday I am supposed to be celebrating.
"Lord Jesus, please forgive me!"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Do you know someone who is in prison?
Are you a prisoner?
Not all prisons are physical fortresses with physical cells and bars.
Some prisons are emotional.
Some prisons are the very place you live, and the warden may be the one you live with...the one you are married to.
Other prisons, however, are fortresses with bars and those within have done something illegal. They deserve to be behind bars, but they do not deserve to be forgotten. Jesus even specifically told us to visit them.
What if we had Jesus' heart towards them...

I saw you long before you were,
and all that would be done;
that's why I had to die for you
by sending My Own Son.
You feel sorry? That is good.
Get over it. It's done.
Now dedicate your life to Me
and make me number One!
I forgave you. Now you must
forgive yourself of all.
Old things are passed away, and you
are living for My Call!
No matter what it was, My Blood,
it covers everything!
I AM the Song, and you have cause
to enter in and sing!

Long before you did it, I knew
all that you would do.
That is why I sent Jesus Christ
if just for only you!
It is finished! Now arise
and stay the Narrow Way.
You are not your own: you are Mine
from this very day!

Are you in prison?
Are you in a prison?
Whether a physical or emotional prison, Jesus is there for you!
And whatever kind of prisoner we know, we are to pray for them, and know that we may be the only Jesus they may ever see.
Be there.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where Glory Belongs

Be careful!
There are so many "things" to get caught up in these days. Those 'things' are merely 'seasonal.'
There are 'things' going on that are far more than 'things.' They are eternal!
Look for them...

Glory to God in the highest,
and everything else lay aside!
Give all you can to His glory,
all that is not be defied!
Too many distractions of "season,"
JESUS is the ONLY cause!
Whatever be happening daily,
for Him only take ye great pause!!

Glory to God in the highest!
Unto us a Savior is born!
Even at that birthing hour,
men's hearts we asunder were torn!
He remained living, however,
to us be Truth to this day!
Jesus is living forever,
living as the Only Way!

Hear it above every carol!

Angels and heavenlies herald!
Even the deepest emotions
sing out that blessed greeting today!
The season itself, comes to nothing
unless Jesus comes in to stay!

Enjoy the 'season,' but carry away from it that which is 'more,' all that pertains to HIM Whom this time is all about: JESUS CHRIST! He is the ONE Who is all-glorious, and He can be such on a personal your heart and life!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


How often have you been somewhere, or even some time, when you have resigned "There's nothing here;" "There's nothing to _____;"?
Next time, close your eyes, and realize

Where nothing would exist
Christ Jesus is not missed!
His Presence is so true,
and nothing else will do!
Oh see Him, hear Him, feel...
what glory to reveal!
With nothing, nothing at all,
His great Majesty to fall!

There is no such thing as "nothing." Jesus is always! Jesus is everywhere! Jesus is...SOMETHING!
Acknowledge Him there and your "nothing" can be far more!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Let us once again focus on some:

The enemy sneaks up on me--
he cannot overtake;
the enemy encounters me,
but often he's a fake!
He then attempts at every side,
encountering my Guard!
From destroying any of me
he's completely barred!

He can approach, but not without permission.
He can touch, but cannot kill.
He can threaten, but not carry it out!
He can scare me, but only if I let him.

Do not let him lie to you, either! The truth is not in him!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Heavenly Father,
Thank You for walking with me along this shoreline that You spoke into existence...I don't understand.
Lord Jesus, thank You for holding my hand as I walk, the same hand that has nail scars in it...scars for me...I don't understand.
Holy Spirit, thank You for giving me a language that has words to use to speak to my Father and my Savior...they understand.

Breakers crash against the shore, then cease-
for receding moments there is peace;
Breakers come a'crashing one time more...
so the living cycle on the shore.

Heavenly Father,
Thank You again for walking with me here and showing me Your order.
It is greater for me, however.
No matter how high or violent the breakers are against my life, there is peace within, Your peace. Thank You for Your perfect peace, Lord.
Thank You for again teaching me life here on the shore that You made by Your word.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


But I have peace.
No need for another gift.
But I have love.
No need for another gift.
But I have joy.
No need for another gift.
But I have hope!
No need for another gift...
And none of what I have is seasonal.
Sure, I may desire a few things, (for those of you who may ask,) but those things which I require for this life are provided by One Giver!
His Name is Jesus, and He is THE Gift!
Have you received the Gift of God named Jesus Christ?

Sunday, December 6, 2009


In fields so unattainable
a battle rages on.
The same, it will continue until
enemies are gone.
The only things that differ are
the tactics of the foe--
the motives, though, remain the same:
to bring on death and woe.
Another motive is, however,
and it shall avail:
the love our Standard has for us,
and it shall NEVER fail!
His affection is a shield
against the hating vices,
and everything that He provides
it more than "just suffices!"

The battle rages on and it
shall rage until the end.
But we know Who the Victor is
and He calls us "friend!"
The Lion is our standard and
the Cross, our lone defense!
Our victory? Eternity!
"Let Paradise commence!"


Saturday, December 5, 2009


Creation is to know His Name
in miracle, somehow;
eternity to hear His Words
according to The Vow!
And on that Day He promised, every
eye shall see Him come--
for the moment, though, He is
availed to only some.

And what of the unveiling,
Be it 'seasonal' at best?
The heavenlies rejoice at Him,
are men to be as blessed?
The answers lie alone inside
the heart of every man.
None may answer for another-
perfect be The Plan!

Jesus is the Answer in
this season...and always!
THE Answer for eternity-
not seasons and not days!
The Answer to the heart and soul
that constantly are longing;
The Answer and the only One
to which life is belonging

Questions, questions, questions...and NOT just seasonal!
The questions of life are eventually all answered by One: Jesus Christ!
Regardless of the scope or subject of the muse, it will ultimately end up at Him!
Do you have The Answer?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Better is...

Oh, so wonderful the blessings of the Christmas season!
But there are blessings that are better than...and they are not seasonal!

Better is that day, I know
than ANY holiday!
Better is that day, I know
than presents of this way!
Better is the Rapture than

imagining can know!
And better is the truth that,
in that day, I'll surely go!!

Merry Christmas, indeed! Enjoy every blessing that the season provides! But Enjoy JESUS even more, because not only IS HE the Season, He is THE blessing that is NOT seasonal...He's better!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


"'Tis the season of ________!"
Whatever you put into that blank, it can NEVER contain the FULLNESS of its Truth!
This day and age attempts to insert a plethora into that blank, but Truth remains!
Are You running from it?

Perfect Love comes with a Name,
a personality.
It does not have a limit to
It is a love without a fault,
unlike love in this place;
it is the love of no one else
but Jesus--Lord of Grace!

This life is so conditional
in what it will dispense.
Love is this place usually
is based on recompense!
But the Love that has a Name
no stipulation knows!
Out of a life that gives itself
away, it freely flows!

Perfect Love, almost unknown,
and greater than a "season!!"
The Father's love, through Jesus Christ-
"Oh cease attempts to 'reason!'"
Look ye deep inside, beyond
whatever you might see
that Perfect Love embraces you
no matter what would be!

Slow down...STOP! Cry out the Truth! Let Him show you the Joy that is more that seasonal!