Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why are words?

The Lord is God. Period.
Writers record Him, pro and con. Whatever is written does not change the fact that He is, and that He is God.
Even if nothing more is written about Him, even if all that is written about Him disappears from existence, He is God. Period.

Beyond the verse of poet,
beyond the scribe's account,
the existence of His glory,
it would yet amount.

The majesty of God the Father
and of Christ the Son,
overwhelm and so cry out
"believe ye, WE ARE ONE!"

The evidence of Holy Spirit
permeating all,
cause the whole of man to worship,
acting to His call!

The abilities of those
of pen, of voice, of deed,
be yet ordained of only One,
but NOT of His own need!

Men of many talents be compelled to communicate Him, for OUR good, not His! He has all of creation describing Him, and He hasn't even NEED of that! For He is God. He doesn't even need these words.
Why, then, are writers compelled to write about Him?

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