Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Uniform containing?
Clothes to make the man?
Does he remain a soldier
Away from his command?
A veteran, however,
For always to remain;
Gratitude from poet
To gain and to retain.

My brother and my sister,
To you I render thanks;
Tour be no matter,
And set aside all ranks.
That you would risk your life to warrant
Safety of my own—
I raise my ball-point sword and pray
My heart to you be known!
A heart full of thanksgiving,
A heart full of respect;
You gave up years of living, knowing
Not what to expect.
And God saw it convenient
To bring you back alive;
Due your great sacrifices does
America yet thrive.

Oh, thank you, brother veteran,
Every role and rank.
Do know that we respect you as,
Each one of you, we thank.
Thanks also to the Father,
Whose watch will never end.
Your sacrifice is noted,
Your country to defend.

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