Friday, November 13, 2009

THAT Soldier

I was writing on Veteran’s Day morning and these words came out. May they serve as a reminder to all of us, and hopefully as a reminder to them...

Writing about a hero
of whom I do not know.
The stories of his faithfulness
are in my heart aglow.
They spur me into action
of praying for his life;
I know he faces danger,
I know he faces strife!

Writing of a hero
whom I have never met.
An opportunity to thank him
I may never get!
So words out of the deepest,
unto him are they composed;
see to it he receives his due
no matter what opposed!

Writing for a hero
who has no time to read.
But to convey to him that, for
his life, my life takes heed!
Will ever he be keen to it?
That matters not at all!
Only that, for his each breath,
to Father God I call!

Writing for a hero? So what? What is more important than these words to him are our words to God for his each and every concern! For even when rhyme and verse are absent, even when words are absent, God sees and knows the heart as we pray for these heroes!
Join me in prayer for them, won't you?


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