Monday, November 2, 2009

That Land Upon My Mind

"Monday morning..."
To so many, you would think that it be a curse!
To some, the only purpose to Monday morning is to look forward to Friday!
What kind of life is that?!
There is something often upon my mind, and not just on Monday morning, nor just on Friday afternoon. It is something completely "out of this world!"
Is it ever upon your mind?

The meadows of my Heavenland
I have upon my mind.
Walking slowly through them now
is where, this man, you'll find.
The rolling hills, the waving grass,
as far as you can see...
it is my reward for pressing
on to victory!
It is just a taste of what
will be when life is o'er.
Just beyond the lovely Gates
on that celestial shore,
Someone waits there to escort me
out across the lands:
Him with scars upon His back
and nail-prints in His hands!
And so, with anticipation,
I press on indeed;
with the precious Holy Spirit
for my will to heed;
ever-recollecting on
the land upon my mind
where,soon and very soon, myself
with Jesus, there you'll find!

What's on your mind?

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