Monday, November 23, 2009


Good morning, my Father.
Thank You for the night of uninterrupted rest.
Thank You that my sleep was not punctuated by gunfire.
Thank You that I was not awakened by mortar blast.
Thank You that there were not any bombs going off shaking my home.
Lord, I did not hear any handguns while I slept. Thank You.
I am a very blessed man!
Father, there were not even any people yelling at each other waking me up.
Thank You.
You are so good to me, Father.
Good morning, Father.
What a glorious morning.
Heavenly Father, I am so very grateful for all that I mentioned, yet I know that some of Your own people live with that every night.
Do I ask for forgiveness for being so blessed? Teach me to pray, Lord.

Some of that happens nightly not far away from here, Father!
It is not the war going on that causes this;
it is not the dark of night that causes this;
it is not even the location they are in,
it is the sin that is in the hearts of men that causes all of the violence that goes on EVERYWHERE!
No, I am not immune.
Just because I live in a certain location does not mask it!
My residence in a certain c
ountry means NOTHING! Violence is not a location! Wait! Yes it is--it is located in the heart!
Father, thank You that the hearts of those whom I live near are not so bad that these things are happening near me.
But Father, is that a real prayer?
What does that say about my heart toward those righteous people in that neighborhood when they suffer the loss of a righteous loved one due to a stray bullet?
What about that innocent child filled with shrapnel as he walks home from school there?

Lord, teach me to pray.
Father, forgive me. Please give me a proper heart as I celebrate Thanksgiving this week.

I love You, Father. I am thankful that You are so good.

In JESUS' Name,

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