Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful There?

How do we know?
But just listen to the heart!
Listen to the soul!
Listen to the constant yearning of the inner man to be there!
What do you yearn for?

Where gratitude is life alone
do I desire be.
Thanksgiving more than just a day,
it is eternally!
No wondering about the menu...
"how long should that cook..."
no one tries to make the spread
like it was in a book!
But one Guest to matter there,
and He will surely be!
He is the very Host, you know,
and He calls such as we!
One way to get a seat up there,
and none to take away!
Will You respond to His Call
before the Awesome Day?

Where gratitude is all of life,
oh come and take me now!
As to be thankful for my lot
has always been my vow!
And even more as I have learned
of that celestial Place
where I shall dwell with Him Who saved me
of His precious grace!

Go with me, won't you?
We depart when HE says!!

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