Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for...

So much to be grateful for...
Along with providing love, life, salvation, health, residence, God also provides "luxuries."
So often, I hear people tell me "WAIT! When you prayed for me, You asked God to provide ________! That's something God is not concerned about! That's a luxury!"
That's right! And that _______ is on my list of prayer requests, too! His Word is replete with reminders for us to ask anything of Him because He loves us! And yes, there is a line to be drawn! I have no business asking Him for Hot Wheels if I ignore taking care of the wheels that get us from here to there! But you know what I mean.
Be thankful for what you have. Thankful to God! Expect God to provide, but don't take it for granted. And nothing is too small to thank Him for.
The Word makes it clear that if I am not thankful for the small 'things' that we have, I will not be grateful for the big 'things.' Why then should such blessings come my way? (Or yours?) You've heard me say it before, and I will say it again: God IS interested in our DESIRES.
BE GRATEFUL! His Word says that it is His will for us to "...give thanks in everything, for it is God's will..." It doesn't say for us to give thanks if what we have is exactly what we ordered. It does say to give thanks in everything:
in every situation...
in every state of health...
in every financial state...
and so forth.
I KNOW that when I learn to be thankful and happy in those situations, better may come my way. But that is NOT the motive!
You are not thankful for the situation you are in right now? I am not always thankful of the condition I am in right now! But I do know that He is aware of it, and it will get better!
What you have right now is not exactly what you want? Enjoy it anyway! It may just be a stepping-stone to that which is greater.
Be thankful. It is not always easy. It is to our benefit!
I am thankful that He helped me write this.
I am thankful that you are reading this.
I am thankful that I can pray for you.
All of these are 'luxuries' to most!
God bless you.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Jim & Debby

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