Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Out of your way

Wherever you are today, I promise you they will be there. Wherever you work, wherever you shop, wherever you eat, THEY will be there!

How many are the thoughts and actions
properly directed?
How many are the gratitudes
by them each detected?
Sent off into the unknown,
boldly did they go...
to then return to the "unknown?"
but say it isn't so!!

But may they each detect the
gratitude from every heart!
Gratitude to each of them
because they did their part;
gratitude no matter time,
regardless branch or rank-
go out of your way today
each veteran to thank!!

And go out of your way regardless
of what day it be!
Reach out your hand in thanks to every
veteran you see!
Thank God for what they've done! And time
erases not their deeds!
For they have done what we could not
for our United needs!

Thank you, veterans. We appreciate every one of you! We are praying for you. May you sense from us every respect that you are so worthy of!
In HIS Service,
Jim Busby

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