Sunday, November 29, 2009


"Heavenly Father, thank You for writing these words through my pen. I pray that You would now take these words to where they need to go to cause someone to have the closeness that we have. Use these words to draw men into that oneness that changes the heart.
In JESUS' Name,

All sound falls away as I
converse again with God;
even angels gather wings,
ceasing to applaud;
all creation seems to halt
as He attends my prayer--
o, the lengths my Father goes
to show He is aware.

All else seems to cease as God
attends to only one.
He looks with steel into my face
and says "My blessed son;"
and there is a relationship
that terrifies most men,
as He becomes the place I am,
and not a place I've been.

All of life is solitaire
in the here and now:
God and I, myself and God,
according to the vow.
Love and life exchanged between
two personal and best,
even to the point that we
be one-so very blessed!

At one with my Father.
No one else would bother.

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